Unlock your inner glow with SkinGate™

Get the most out of your skincare products with Advanced Transdermal Therapy from the comfort of your home.
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Experience the true power of LED Light Therapy with Cosmo Innovations.

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Elevate your well-being with Cosmo Innovations LED Light Therapy

Beauty doesn’t always have to be pain. With Cosmo Innovations, you can now enjoy non-invasive, pain-free, safe and easy-to-use solutions with our advanced LED Light technologies and Photobiomodulation Therapy, designed to help turn back the clock and leave you feeling renewed after each use.
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Cosmo Innovations

Cosmo Innovations was founded in Australia in 2015 by Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh, a registered and qualified senior laser clinician with over 20 years of experience in the advanced aesthetic field.
After two decades of practicing in the advanced aesthetic field, Dr. Mathew was not only inspired, but also driven to revolutionize the field in order to provide individuals with the best technologies to improve their total well-being.
Cosmo Innovations is a celebration of never-ending innovation and the wonders of technology.
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A technology platform,
not a product

The innovative combination of technologies from Cosmo Innovations has a myriad of applications.

The first area of focus for us has been beauty, health and wellness. However, the technology platform can be applied to almost any application.
Photo Bio Modulation Therapy (PBMT) is the application of red and blue light:
  • Enhanced Wound Healing & Tissue Repair
  • Natural, Safe, Non-Invasive Beauty Solution
  • Skin Repair & Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Increased Efficacy Of Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Effective Pain Relief (Acute & Chronic)
  • Accelerated Post-Operative Healing
  • Reduced Swelling & Inflammation
  • Improved Well-being & Body Confidence

At Cosmo Innovations, we incorporate 4 proven technologies into our products to achieve the best results


Accelerates regeneration

Radio Frequency (Heat)

Promotes collagen production

Acoustic Wave (Massage)

Improves skin elasticity


Promotes deeper product penetration

Unleashing the Power of Proven Technologies for Your Beauty, Health, and Wellness

Experience Aesthetic

Experience professional aesthetics at home with Cosmo Innovations' Low Level LED light devices. Elevate your beauty effortlessly with advanced technology for remarkable results.

Experience Optimal
Respiratory Wellness

Enjoy your very own personal breathing sanctuary anywhere with our innovative wearable device. Experience a clean environment free from pollutants.

Breathe easy with style, comfort and advanced air purification.

They love us.
What are they saying?

Living in a busy city comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to air quality. I used to dread the idea of walking through crowded streets and being exposed to all the pollution. But ever since I started using AirSure™, urban life has become much more manageable. This incredible wearable air purification device has become my constant companion. The HEPA filter captures harmful particles, while the negative ionizer helps create a cleaner and fresher atmosphere around me. I've noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being, and my respiratory system feels much happier. AirSure™ is a must-have for anyone living in the city who wants to protect their health and breathe cleaner air.
Emily R.
As a pet owner with severe allergies, I always struggled to find a balance between my love for animals and my respiratory health. But with AirSure™, I've found the perfect solution. This innovative wearable air purification device has made it possible for me to live comfortably with my furry companions without constant sneezing and itching. The HEPA filter effectively captures pet dander and other allergens, making the air cleaner and safer to breathe. I've noticed a significant reduction in allergy symptoms since using AirSure™, and it has improved my relationship with my pets and my overall quality of life. If you're an animal lover like me, AirSure™ is a game-changer that allows you to enjoy the company of your pets without sacrificing your health.
Lisa D.

I just had my first session of SkinGate™ and am very excited to have more of this pain-free treatment as I can already see some noticeable improvements in my skin’s firmness and lift. My eye wrinkles seem to be less than before which is my main concern. I am looking forward to my next session!

Jennifer N, Melbourne

Here is my honest feedback about the SkinGate™ anti-ageing device I purchased last month. I have been using it for only a short few minute daily and I can see improvements in my skin that even my girlfriend has noticed. What a cool little device! Will definitely recommend it to others and my best wishes to your company for creating such a great technology!

John Domitros - QLD

“As an athlete, injuries and muscle soreness are a common occurrence. That's where CirQLight™ comes to the rescue. The combination of infrared therapy and gentle massaging effect helps relax my muscles, reduces inflammation, and promotes faster recovery. It's been a game-changer in my training regimen!”

- John S.

Oh, SkinGate™ is just amazing. It’s a great device, as I have seen noticeable changes and positive results after just one treatment. I’m going back to get another session next week. Can’t wait to purchase one and start using it daily. Love it!

Dr. Rachel K- Melbourne
Living with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) has been a constant struggle for me. Every breath felt like a battle. However, since I started using AirSure™, my life has taken a turn for the better. This wearable air purification device has become an essential part of managing my condition. The combination of the HEPA filter, negative ionizer, and activated charcoal has significantly improved the air quality around me. I no longer have to worry about airborne pollutants exacerbating my symptoms. AirSure™ has provided me with a sense of comfort and peace, knowing that I can breathe cleaner air wherever I go. If you have COPD or any other respiratory condition, I highly recommend giving AirSure™ a try. It truly is a lifesaver!
Robert M.
As someone who frequently catches colds and the flu, I was always worried about being exposed to airborne germs, especially in crowded places. But ever since I started using AirSure™, I feel like I have my secret weapon against illness. This fantastic wearable air purification device has been a game-changer for me. The HEPA filter effectively traps germs, dust, and pollutants, while the negative ionizer creates a healthy and fresh atmosphere around me. I have noticed a considerable reduction in the frequency of getting sick, and it's all thanks to AirSure™. It's comfortable to wear and discreet, making it perfect for everyday use. If you want to stay healthy and germ-free, I highly recommend giving AirSure™ a try!
Michael S.