How can I reduce hay fever and allergy symptoms

The air quality you breathe has a significant impact on allergies and hayfever in Australia, as it does in many regions around the world. Allergies and hayfever are often triggered or exacerbated by exposure to airborne allergens and pollutants.  Here’s some ways symptoms can be reduced: 

Healthier environment 

Maintaining clean air quality through proper filtration and ventilation can significantly impact people with allergies. Using air purifiers, dust mite covers for bedding, and regular cleaning can help reduce indoor allergens. 

Wildfire Smoke 

In recent years, Australia and USA has experienced severe wildfires, which can have a detrimental impact on air quality. Wildfire smoke contains fine particulate matter and other pollutants that can worsen respiratory conditions and allergies. Clean air, free from wildfire smoke, is vital for individuals with allergies and respiratory issues. 


Climate change can influence the distribution of allergenic plants and increase pollen counts in the atmosphere. Rising temperatures and changing weather patterns can extend the pollen seasons, making clean air quality even more critical for allergy sufferers 

Air Quality index 

Monitoring the Air Quality Index in specific regions of Australia can provide information about the presence of allergens and pollutants in the air. People with allergies can use this data to plan outdoor activities and take precautions when air quality is poor. 

To mitigate the impact of allergies and hayfever in Australia, individuals can take several steps. 

Stay Informed – Keep track of local pollen forecasts and know when allergen levels are high 

Indoor Allergen Control – Implement measures to reduce indoor allergens, such as using air purifiers, keeping windows and doors closed during high pollen seasons, and regularly cleaning and vacuuming your living spaces 

Medication – If you have allergies or hayfever consult with a healthcare professional for advise on appropriate medication  

Personal air shield technology – Consider using air shield technology to filter your personal air 

Clean Air quality is a fundamental factor in managing and treatment of hay fever and the impact of allergies, particularly in regions lie Australia with unique environmental challenges. 

Clean air with new Air Sheild Technology 

New technology from AirSure has been developed to help people suffering with allergies and hay fever. It’s been quoted as a game changer for allergy suffers and could be used as a hay fever treatment.  Its a lightweight wearable device that sits around your neck and purifies the air around you.  Using HEPA filters, UV C Light, Activated charcoal and Negative Ionising technology it filters and purifies the air providing a curtain of clean air in front of your face reducing the pollutants and pollen around you.  

AirSure featured on USA Today and Forbes. 

For more information on Air Sheild Technology from AirSure please visit AirSure.   

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