How Cosmo Innovations Plans to Revolutionize the Safe Use of LED Light Therapy in Healthcare

LED light therapy is a promising treatment for various healthcare conditions, offering non-invasive and effective solutions. Cosmo Innovations, an Australian company, aims to revolutionize the field of LED light therapy in healthcare. With a commitment to making this treatment accessible and safe, Cosmo Innovations is focused on developing innovative products and educating healthcare professionals. Here’s how they plan to bring about this revolution:

  1. Developing Innovative New Products: Cosmo Innovations is dedicated to creating advanced LED light therapy products that are more effective and affordable. Their products are designed to work harmoniously with other scientifically proven technologies, such as electroporation, heat radio frequency, and intermittent vibration. By integrating these technologies and employing their patent innovative design approach, they aim to provide enhanced therapeutic and aesthetic outcomes. These products are designed for easy use at home, ensuring convenience and accessibility for consumers.

One of their groundbreaking technologies is the ZumLase SaaS, a unique and award-winning product that enables digital patient remote therapy. This patent technology harnesses the power of thermal imaging cameras and cold laser therapy, offering remote treatment options for patients.

Another upcoming technology is the GastriLED patent technology, an ingestible LED pill. This innovative product is designed to promote tissue healing within the gastrointestinal tract, providing potential benefits for conditions such as peptic ulcers, Crohn’s disease, IBS, and GI-related cancers.

For many decades, light therapy has become a popular natural healing solution and pain reliever without the side effects and major health risks associated with prescription pain meds and invasive procedures.


Consumers are often sceptical of undertaking clinic-based treatment methods that are associated with the following reasons:

  • Fear of undertaking a surgical procedure
  • The prohibitive cost of the clinic or hospital treatments
  • The significant time required for multiple clinic visits
  • Drug cross-actions, cost, and side effects
  • Side effects post-treatment and complications
  • Long recovery periods

GastriLED is a disposable non-toxic, natural, light-based therapy alternative that can significantly minimize the cost of care and increased healing and well-being with an unmatched application and result delivery.

Cosmo Innovations recognizes the importance of educating healthcare professionals about the benefits of LED light therapy. By providing comprehensive information and training, they aim to empower healthcare professionals to confidently recommend LED light therapy to their patients. By raising awareness and understanding of the therapy, they aim to facilitate its integration into standard healthcare practices.

We, at Innovations are committed to increase the accessibility of LED light therapy worldwide. We are actively working on expanding distribution channels to ensure that people can easily access the benefits of LED light therapy without the need for extensive travel. By improving availability, we aim to make LED light therapy a more accessible and convenient treatment option for a broader population.

Cosmo Innovations firmly believes that LED light therapy has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. By developing innovative products, educating healthcare professionals, and improving accessibility, they are paving the way for a safer and more widespread use of LED light therapy in various healthcare settings.
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