Elevate your well being
with Cosmo Innovations
LED Light Therapy

From in-office treatments to at-home devices, Cosmo Innovations optimizes LED light beams that deeply penetrate the skin to provide a multitude of benefits such as pain relief, skin rejuvenation and more.
Discover the power of LED Light Therapy and revolutionize your health, beauty and wellness with Cosmo Innovations’ advanced technologies today.
Our mission is to cater to the diverse needs of customers with the best solutions through advanced and innovative technologies.
We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their absolute best with effective and quality products.

We innovate to elevate


With Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh’s extensive knowledge, fervent passion and two decades of experience in the advanced aesthetic field, Cosmo Innovations is without a doubt a leading expert in all things LED Light Therapy. The brand specializes in designing revolutionary products aimed at delivering optimal results and elevating customers’ total well being.


We are passionate about improving the total well-being of every individual and inspiring confidence. Because every individual deserves to feel their absolute best. It’s only when you feel your best, you’re able to focus on the things that matter most. Our team at Cosmo Innovations believes in enabling every individual to take on the day and let their best self shine through.


We understand that every individual wants the best solution for their struggles. That's why innovation is the core of our company and we aspire to provide our customers with the best technology and quality. Our team is always striving to better understand the struggles of our consumers in order to find the best technologies to deliver the best results.


At Cosmo Innovations, our purpose and goal is to provide the best solutions with affordable prices for our customers. We believe in empowering our customers with the best tools. Hence, each and every one of our products are designed to produce real results that will ultimately inspire confidence in our customers.

Certificates & Achievements

Cosmo Innovations creates advanced, non-invasive solutions for "Health at Home" and clinic markets in collaboration with experts.

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.”
- Barbara Januszkiewicz

Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh (BDS. ROM)
Mathew holds, a bachelor’s degree of dentistry. He is also a registered & qualified senior laser clinician with over 20 years.
In 2000, Dr. Mathew Jafarzadeh, established the Instant Laser Clinic, advanced aesthetic centre, specialized in cutting edge technology for improvement of hair, skin & body image. Mathew was appointed as the Vice president of Australian Institute of Laser Therapy (AILT) and is also a speaker at various national and international anti-ageing conferences. Mathew is a passionate, serial entrepreneur and inventor with special interest in disruptive, non-invasive, home device technologies that could improve health and well-being of consumers globally, at any age, sex or ethnicity, at an affordable price.
In Sept 2019, CosmoAesthetics™ company, has proudly become the first Australian innovative company, to be registered, resident of Johnson & Johnson (JLABS-Shanghai).

Meet our team

Luke Smith



Accomplished CEO equipped with a commanding track record of combining innovative commercial, sales, marketing and management techniques to successfully grow and transform a business. Utilises a balance of creative and critical thinking to anticipate business trends, cultivate solutions to concerns and capitalise on growth and market retention opportunities. Highly numerate, commercially astute and experienced in establishing and developing an international presence for businesses across EMEA, Australasia, and the Americas.

Mike Mobilia



Mike is a highly motivated business professional with a record of achievement in providing strategic insights and operational business solutions. Broad range of customer, business and financial expertise across diverse industries including technology, healthcare, insurance, B2C, real estate and banking. 20+ years of experience in both the public and private sector, with c-suite roles including business and financial leadership, commercial management, risk management, investment activities and treasury oversight across a range of industries.

Greg Shenton



Sales and BDM Manager with over 15 years experience in the Medical and FMCG industry, across operational marketing, international marketing and product development.
Adept at creating and executing brand strategy, working collaboratively across multi-disciplinary teams, with a knack for breaking down complex problems, and relentless drive to deliver results.

Dr Mokmeli


Medical Scientific Advisor
Chief Medical Scientist, CEO Canadian Optic & Laser Center. Internationally recognized researcher, lecturer & publisher with over 20 approved studies and 65 research items. Specialist in the applications of laser therapy in health & cosmetics subjects like Pain Management, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery & Dermatology.

Karen Smith



Passionate senior marketing leader, specialising in acquisition, retention, engagement and digital marketing strategy with over 20 years of B2B, B2C & B2B2C experience in health, technology, digital and finance industries.
Passionate leader in driving business growth by increasing sales, revenue and improving the customer experience.

Mathew Jafarzadeh

Founder & CIO


Mathew is a passionate, serial entrepreneur and inventor with special interest in disruptive, non-invasive, home device technologies that could improve health and well-being of consumers globally, at any age, sex or ethnicity, at an affordable price.
In Sept 2019, CosmoAesthetics™ company, has proudly become the first Australian innovative company, to be registered, resident of Johnson & Johnson (JLABS-Shanghai).

Max Yan

COO China


Max is a highly motivated and results orientated senior strategic & management executive. His goal is to provide deliverable strategic and technical solutions. He has managed and successfully executed major business transformation projects and Joint Venture projects. Max has a comprehensive understanding of the global pharmaceutical and medical device market with key regulatory compliance help to minimize risk and ensure a products success and ongoing supply and compliance to strict standards.

Catherine Biedermann

Strategic Advisor & Partnership

Catherine Biedermann is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in strategic leadership and partnerships. As the former Managing Director of Advanced Cosmeceuticals, Australia’s premier skincare and medical laser distribution company, Catherine brings with her a remarkable track record of strategic and operational prowess spanning nearly three decades in both the Australian corporate and international arenas.
Throughout her distinguished career, Catherine has held pivotal roles in diverse domains including commercial operations, global strategic marketing, and manufacturing operations. Her forte lies in crafting and executing robust commercial strategies, fostering operational distinction, and spearheading the development and launch of cutting-edge products on a global scale.
Catherine is characterized by her collaborative and goal-centric approach, thriving in cross-functional environments while relishing challenges and consistently delivering exceptional results with unwavering integrity. As a seasoned senior leader, she boasts exceptional organizational acumen coupled with adept time and resource management skills.
One of Catherine’s standout abilities is her adeptness in steering a consultative sales approach that transcends both B2B and B2C landscapes within the global skincare and medical device markets, consistently yielding optimal positive outcomes. Her dedication to achieving above-standard results, paired with her innate ability to navigate the complexities of the global market, make her an invaluable asset.
In her current role as a Strategic Advisor and Partnership Specialist, Catherine continues to exemplify her proficiency in driving strategic initiatives, nurturing partnerships, and contributing to the advancement of businesses in the skincare and medical device sectors.

Warren Bingham

CT Advisory

Warren Bingham is a dynamic leader holding pivotal role as a lead chief technical advisor at CosmoInnovations. Warren is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of MedTech International, Global Vice President of Aria Research, Executive Chairman of OmnisOva, Chairman of the Board of Agscent and MTAA Board member.

With over 30 years of experience in the Medical Devices sector, Warren specializes in guiding organizations towards innovation and success, particularly in medical device and Biotechnologies, excelling in global strategic execution, commercialisation and Board, holding key positions across several companies. He founded Given Imaging Pty Ltd in ANZ, which introduced the revolutionary PillCam® technology, transforming GI tract visualization. Given Imaging’s global success, culminating in its $1 billion acquisition by Covidien, highlights Bingham’s impactful career.